Best Eyelash Extensions For Big Eyes

If you have big, round eyes, you’re in luck! Big eyes can be a stunning feature, and with the right eyelash extensions, you can make them stand out even more. In this blog, we’ll explore the best eyelash extensions for big eyes, providing tips and techniques for lash artists to create stunning looks.

“Big Eyes” – What Does It Mean?

Hmm, If you are wondering what “big eyes” mean, there is no answer for that!

You know what, as your beauty has no standard to define. Defining ‘big eyes’ isn’t solely about their size but also how they balance with other facial features. For instance, if your eyes appear large, but your lips and nose are proportionally sizable too, they might be considered average in relation to your face. However, if you have smaller lips and a more delicate nose, with eyes that noticeably stand out, then they can be described as ‘big’.

celebrity with round eyes
Katy Perry is a great example of a celebrity with stunning round big eyes.

Source: SUGAR cosmetics

Choosing The Best Eyelash Extension Styles For Big Eyes

In this guide, we will provide specific tips to help you choose the most flattering eyelash extensions for big eyes. Whether your clients have naturally prominent eyes or desire to enhance their eye shape, understanding the right styles can make a significant difference. Let’s explore with us!

Which Curl Works Best With Big Eyes?

If you are looking for a curl that looks perfect with your round eyes, consider B, C or D curls as those curls can work well with most of the eye shape. Selecting the appropriate is the important step if you want to receive stunning eyelash extensions for big eyes.

charmlash_lash curls for big eyes

  • B-Curl: Slightly less curved than the C-curl, the B-curl offers a more natural look while still providing some lift and definition. It’s a good choice if your client prefers a subtle enhancement that maintains the natural shape of their big eyes.
  • C-Curl: This curl is one of the most popular choices for big eyes. It provides a natural lift and opens up the eyes without appearing overly dramatic. C-curl lashes create a gentle curve that complements the larger size of the eyes, making them appear more awake and defined.
  • D-Curl: For clients looking for more drama and intensity, the D-curl is an option. It creates a more pronounced curl that can add depth and allure to big eyes. However, it’s essential to ensure that the length and thickness of the extensions are balanced to avoid overwhelming the eye area.

Suitable Lengths for Creating Eyelash Extensions for Big Eyes

When creating eyelash extensions for big eyes, we recommend you begin with shorter lengths (around 8-10mm) at the inner corners to create a natural transition. Then, increase the lengths gradually as you move towards the middle and outer corners. For most eyelash extensions for big eyes, medium lengths (10-12mm) in the middle, and longer lengths (12-14mm) towards the outer corners can create a balanced and flattering look.

Note: Avoid using overly long extensions (15mm and above) as they can make big eyes appear excessively dramatic and out of proportion.

Best Lashes For Big Eyes

1. Classic or Natural Lash Extensions

Natural lash extensions, or classic lashes, are versatile and can complement any eye shape or size. They are particularly well-suited for round eyes as they enhance the natural shape without making the eyes stand out excessively.

classic eyelash extensions for big eyes
Want a natural look but still attractive? Try classic eyelash extensions as they work perfectly on big eyes.

Source: True Beauty Forever

To achieve a natural lash extension look, it is crucial to use extensions that closely match the diameter of your client’s natural eyelashes. Avoid using extensions thicker than 0.02mm, as anything thicker may appear too dark and lose the natural effect. For clients seeking a balance between natural and dramatic, the hybrid lashing technique offers a wonderful compromise, combining the natural look with a bit more volume and flair.

2. Cat Eye Lashes

The cat eye lash style is highly recommended for clients with round eyes. It focuses on extending the lashes towards the outer corners, which helps create the illusion of almond-shaped eyes—a flattering look for many.

charmlash - cat eye eyelash extension for big eyes

To achieve the cat eye effect, it’s essential to use lash extensions of varying lengths. Begin with shorter extensions at the inner corners and gradually increase the length as you move towards the outer corners. This technique enhances the natural shape of the eyes and creates a seamless, elongated appearance.

Because this style involves precise mapping and working with different lash lengths, it may pose a challenge for beginners in lash artistry. For those looking for a simpler application, consider using our Premade Fan Lashes. These lashes feature soft C curls ideal for crafting cat eye looks and are pre-bonded for easy application—a perfect choice for newbies artists!

cat eye eyelash extension for round eyes
Cat eye lash map create a stunning look which is the best lashes for big eyes

Source: Pinterest

Worried about the cat eye effect being too dramatic? Opting for softer curls helps maintain a balanced look, adding luxury without appearing overly dramatic. It’s a subtle yet effective way to enhance your client’s natural beauty.

3. Squirrel Lashes

Squirrel lashes are one of the most flattering styles, closely resembling cat eye lashes but with a key difference: the longest the longest extensions positioned closer to the middle of the lash line, which creates a subtle arching effect, reminiscent of squirrel ears, which beautifully complements the natural eye shape.

charmlash - squirrel lash extension map for big eyes

Creating a squirrel lash look requires precise mapping, as it follows the natural curve of the client’s eyebrows. The longest lashes are applied under the arch of the brow, with the lengths gradually decreasing towards the inner and outer corners.

To achieve this style, lash artists should carefully map out the lash lengths and ensure a seamless transition between different sections of the lash line. This approach not only enhances the beauty of eyelash extension for big eyes but also provides a tailored look that suits the client’s unique facial features.

squirrel eyelash extensions for big eyes
Alternatively, you can opt for Squirrel lashes, a popular choice among lash artists aiming to create stunning eyelash extensions for big round eyes.

Source: Eye Design Salon

Which Eyelash Extensions For Big Eyes Should I Avoid?

If your client has eyes that are significantly larger compared to the rest of their facial features, it’s best to advise them against choosing lash styles that further emphasize their size, such as doll eyelashes or anime lashes. For clients with large but narrow eyes, recommend lash styles that help balance and even out their appearance.

1. Doll Eye EyeLash Extensions

The doll eye look is one of the most popular and beloved lash extension styles. It’s no surprise that many clients will request this style during their appointments. However, this is not an ideal eyelash extension for big eyes.

charmlash - doll eye lash map

Doll eye extensions are designed to open up the eyes and create a doll-like appearance, which can make round eyes appear even rounder. For big and round eyes, the goal should be to soften and elongate the eye shape, which is the opposite effect of doll eye extensions. Therefore, while we love enhancing natural beauty, it’s advisable to avoid this style for clients with big and round eyes.

doll eye eyelash extensions for big eyes
If you opt for the best lash extensions for round eyes, DO NOT choose doll eyes!

Source: Eye Design Salon

2. Anime Lashes

Anime eyelashes create a wide-eyed, dramatic look, which can make already large eyes appear even more prominent. This style exaggerates eye size and can result in an unbalanced look that overwhelms other facial features. So, we don’t recommend this type of eyelash extension for big eyes

Anime lash extensions for big eyes

Source:  Instagram @lashhoneyxo

Tips for Lash Artists – Creating Flawless Eyelash Extensions for Big Eyes

Last but not least, we will provide you some tips for you to create a flawless eyelash extensions for big eyes clients. These expert tips will ensure your clients leave with stunning results that perfectly complement their eye shape!

Tips for Lash Artists Creating Flawless Eyelash Extensions for Big Eyes

  • Defining The Clients’ Eye Shape

Defining the client’s eye shape is crucial when creating eyelash extensions for big eyes. It determines how different curl types will interact with big eyes.

For instance, round eyes can be elongated effectively with a more curved D-curl, whereas almond-shaped eyes often look more balanced with a softer C-curl, maintaining their natural symmetry. Understanding these nuances helps in tailoring eyelash extensions to enhance each client’s unique eye shape effectively.

  • Client Consultation

It’s crucial to have a thorough consultation with your clients, understand their preferences, and guide them towards the best lash style that complements their eye size and shape. By considering both the eye size and shape, you can help your clients achieve a look that enhances their natural beauty and makes them feel confident and beautiful.

  • After-care Education

Educate your clients on proper lash extension care, including gentle cleansing techniques and regular fills to maintain fullness and longevity.


In conclusion, finding the perfect eyelash extensions for big eyes is all about enhancing natural allure without overwhelming facial features. By selecting curls and styles that harmonize with individual eye shapes—whether it’s a graceful cat-eye or a subtle natural look—lash artists can create mesmerizing effects that boost confidence and highlight each client’s unique charm!

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