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How to store lash adhesive during winter

How to look after your lash adhesive in the winter

The winter season brings a magical atmosphere, but for lash artists, it also introduces unique challenges to adhesive performance. As temperatures drop and humidity levels fluctuate, the retention of your lash extensions depends on how well you navigate these cold weather conditions.  Let’s embark on a journey on “how to store lash adhesive during winter”, […]

Dealing with Short Stubby Lashes After Extensions

Dealing with short stubby lashes after extensions

Recently, you’ve just treated yourself to the magic of eyelash extensions, and you were thrilled with the results. But now, you’re noticing a not-so-magical change: your once-long lashes seem shorter and stubbier. What’s the deal? First, you’re definitely not alone in this. It’s a common issue, often caused by problems during the extension application. The […]

How frequently should you get lash refills?

Lash growth cycle

Eyelash extensions have taken the world of beauty by storm. Once you’ve experienced the allure of longer, fuller lashes, it’s hard to imagine going back to the natural look. However, maintaining those fabulous lashes requires some care, mostly through regular lash fills.  In this guide, we’ll explore the why, when, and how of lash fills, […]

Eyelash Extension Adhesive Allergy: 7 Best Tips to Prevent


Eyelash extension adhesive allergy is a real concern for both lash artists and clients. However, some steps can be taken to prevent and treat allergic reactions. By following the helpful information below, lash artists and clients can reduce the risk of eyelash extension adhesive allergy. Eyelash Extension Adhesive Allergy and How Common it is An […]

How to clean lashes extensions at home?

clean eyelash extensions eyelash extension lash extension aftercare lash extension aftercare instruction prevent eyelash extension adhesive allergy

How to clean lashes extensions at home is frequently asked by the clients. They always expect that their lash extensions will remain long-lasting and fluttering after a long time. This requires a thorough and daily aftercare process at home. To prolong their lashes, clients should clean eyelash extensions daily, which is the most essential aftercare […]

Lash Foam Cleansers and Top 4 Tips to Use

lash foam cleansers lash extension shampoo scented eyelash shampoo lash shampoo wholesale wholesale lash shampoo eyelash shampoo wholesale lash shampoo wholesale wholesale lash shampoo eyelash shampoo wholesale lash shampoo brush wholesale eyelash extension shampoo wholesale lash cleanser wholesale lash foam cleanser wholesale wholesale lash cleanser

Lash foam cleansers are familiar to all professional lash artists in the world. They are essential to cleaning the client’s lashes deeply before the application process. However, there are numerous lash foam cleansers sold in the market, making lash artists confused to choose the most suitable products. In this blog, lash artists can find the […]

Lash retention tips lash artist & clients must know for a long-lasting lash set


Poor lash retention is a nightmare for both lash artists and clients. It’s frustrating and stressful. Lash artists don’t want clients to lose trust, and clients don’t want their lashes falling out after a day or two. If you’re either a lash artist or lash clients dealing with retention issues, this blog is for you. […]

How to avoid damaging your eyelash extensions while applying makeup

eyelash makeup with mascara

Creating a perfect lash look is a lash artist’s business, but how long it will stay glowing on your face is all yours. Among the most common factors contributing to early lash extension fallout,  improper makeup application is considered the top concern for all lash wearers.  Then the biggest question posed to us is: how to […]

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