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How to avoid damaging your eyelash extensions while applying makeup

eyelash makeup with mascara

Creating a perfect lash look is a lash artist’s business, but how long it will stay glowing on your face is all yours. Among the most common factors contributing to early lash extension fallout,  improper makeup application is considered the top concern for all lash wearers.  Then the biggest question posed to us is: how to […]

Our new scented lash extension shampoo collection

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our 7 new scented lash extension shampoo including: Strawberry scent, Banana scent, Peach scent, Baby scent, Basic Scent, Green tea scent and and don’t forget our best seller: Emerald lash shampoo. Let’s dive in our collection to find your best match!!! 1. List of scented lash extension […]

How to look after your lash extensions in Summer

During the summer months, your clients will tend to take part in countless activities such as spending days to bask in the sun, enjoying time on the beach or in the pool, which result in poor lash retention if they don’t know how to take care of their eyelash extensions. Aside from taking care of our skin in summer, giving the lashes a good treatment is indeed essential. Therefore, Charmlash highly recommend six tips you can advise your clients to make sure their favorite lash extensions stay perfect and staying away from getting damaged during the hot summer months

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