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Eyelash extensions

How many rows in a lash tray can you do?

Currently, we can do up to 28 rows per tray. Please contact the account manager to get more information.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are fake lashes which are made of high-quality Korean PBT fiber, often known as faux mink and silk lashes. They are attached to natural lashes to enhance their length, volume and curl.

Are your products approved?

Yes, our products are approved by The Korea Certification Mark and Test Report

What are CharmLash eyelash extensions made of?

The main materials we use are high quality PBT (poly-butylene-terephthalate) synthetic fiber. As PBT is very soft, light and can hold the original form, it has been the most widely used material for a long time. Currently, we are supplying two kinds of raw materials: PREMIUM SILK and MINK. Premium Silk is softer, thinner, matte or semi-matte. Mink is thicker, fuller and more popular than SILK. However, both have a very smooth texture.

Are CharmLash eyelash extensions safe for eyes?

With proper care and application by trained professionals, our products are completely safe to use. 

How are CharmLash eyelash extensions categorized?

CharmLash eyelash extensions are categorized by their curls: J, B, C, CC/C+, D, DD/D+, L, L+,LD, M and V. The most commonly used curls are C, CC, D, L, M, as it gives a natural lift to lashes, and is suitable for most natural lash types.J curl: J curl lash is pretty much straight at the base and then it slightly curls a little bit at the end. Therefore, it is not as curly as the other. J curls are the best suited for the clients with straight and downward-facing lashes as well as bottom lash.B curl: B curl lashes are quite similar to the J curl but a little curlier. These lashes have a natural curl that appears straight at the base and then curls at the top. B Curl lashes are perfect for customers whose natural lashes are straight. They're not for those with downward-facing lashes or protruding eyes.C curl: C curl is most commonly used curls for its versatility among different lash types. It has a short and straight base with a natural curl at the end of the extension. If you are looking for a bright, wide-open effect without looking too heavy and dramatic, the C curl will be the best choice for youC+ curl: Basically, C curl and C+ curl look alike, but C+ curl is a bit curlier. This curl allows you to achieve a fresh and natural lookD curl: If you want to get a dramatic eyelash extension set, D curls will be your best friend. They are half-circle shaped, which make them the curliest and dramatically open the eyes. D curls are typically used for special occasions and not long-term wear.D+ curl: D+ is a curlier version of D curl. It is created for customers who want a fluffy set of extra curly lash extensions.L curl: L curl lash is literally shaped like an L. They have a flat base, which allows a stronger and longer bond with the natural lashes, then slightly straight upright. L curls are best suited for customers who have straight and downward-facing lashes as well as bottom lashes. They’re suitable curls for cat-eye effect, perfectly creating a flick effect to the outer eye.LD curl: Basically LD curls are D curl lashes with a straight base. While the straight base allows more attachment surface between lash extensions and natural lashes, the dramatic curl will create an open eye effect by a multiple. LD curl is a great choice for customers with hooded eyes, deep-set eyes or mono lids making a bigger and dramatic look.L+ curl: L+ curl lash has the same flat base as LD curls allowing it to bond really nicely to the straight natural lash, but less curl toward the tip. Designed for an open eye look, with natural down eyelashes, L+ curls are the savor for those with hooded eyes as it draws the lash outward and upward, creating a lot of lift.V curl: V curl has a straight base, but lifts up with more bend. This eyelash is perfect for mono lids, hooded eyelids, downward-facing lashes or any clients who want to crimp their lashes with eyelash curler. V curls will create dramatic vertical uplift that really open the eyes. It is mostly used for creating cat eye lash style.M curl: M curl has a straight base for easier attachment and lifts up with more bend than L curl. It is designed to lift the appearance of downward-angled natural lashes. This curl is idea for cat/fox eye styling as the shorter base allows to place even longer lashes in the outer corner without the fear of making the eye droopy.

What are the shortest and the longest lengths you are making?

The lengths are being worked from 4mm to 25mm.

What are the thicknesses you are using?

The thickness of the lash that used from 0.02 mm to 0.2mm.

Are your eyelash extensions environment-friendly?

Our lashes are 100% environment-friendly. At CharmLash, we also offer eyelash extension packaging boxes which are eco-friendly as well. 

Are your products cruelty-free?

Please rest assured that all of our products are not tested on animals and are completely cruelty-free. We do not use real mink lashes for this reason.

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lash?

No, it won’t if it is applied by an eyelash extension professional.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions last up to 2-3 weeks before falling out with the natural lash cycle. They provide a beautiful natural look of flawless, thick, and long lashes, without the need for mascara. However, it depends on the quality of the adhesive glue that you are going to use and in the environment you’re living in. 

What’s the other products that you’re selling besides eyelash extensions? 

Even after 4 years of hard working in the industry, we are still focusing and improving on our services and making the highest quality lashes, as much as we can. Therefore, besides lashes, we have just started launching some kinds of products like adhesive, primer, remover, protein remover, super bonder and other liquids since January 2023. These products are made of high quality ingredients from South Korea. If you are interested in these ones, we are very happy to send the samples for free to you for testing the products.

How much is a customized tray? How much is a paper cardboard tray? 

The price for customized/paper tray is provided in our latest eyelash extension packaging box/sticker catalog. Please contact us via email and Whatsapp to get the latest prices. 

Do you have premade fans? What other types of premade fans can you provide?

Currently, we are supplying some kinds of premade fans like: wispy, spike, ultra speed, promade fans and premade fans in a big tray. Please feel free to contact us for more information.



What is the origin of your liquid?

Our adhesives and liquids are made in South Korea. Our company has spent 2 years researching with Korean partners to create our own products.

Which adhesive is the fastest one?

Our fastest adhesive is Ultra Adhesive and its drying time is 0.5-1 second if you use the recommended temperature and humidity range.Ultra Adhesive works best in 18-22°C (64.4 - 71.6°F) and 45-60% humidity.Please note that the higher the humidity in your room is, the faster your glue will dry! That's why you should remember to change the humidity and temperature in your working room into the right conditions. Ultra Adhesive is drying quickly and should be used only by ADVANCED lash artists who have been experienced in lashing for years.

Which are other kinds of fast-drying adhesives ? 

Asiding from Ultra Adhesive, we also highly recommend other kinds of fast-drying adhesives such as Premium Adhesive, Ultra volume Adhesive and Volume Adhesive. They are all drying in 1-2s and should only be used by HIGHLY EXPERIENCED lash technicians. 

Which kinds of adhesive are suitable for beginners and intermediate lash artists?

For training and practicing, Ultra Blooming Adhesive (2-3s),Supreme Adhesive (2-3s), Blooming Adhesive (3-4s), and Lady Bond (3-4s) are all perfect options for newcomers and intermediate lash technicians. Despite its slow drying time, Lady Bond is the most popular slow-drying adhesive as it can function well in all seasons and humidity. 

How to use glue step by step ?

Step 1: Remove the cap, place the glue pin in the nozzle.Step 2: Shake vigorously for 1 minute before use so that all ingredients are well blended.Step 3: Pour enough of the desired glue onto the lash jade stone.Step 4: Grab a small bead of glue on the extension and place immediately onto the natural lash. DO NOT paint, or swipe.Step 5:  Burp the adhesive after each use to avoid air bubbles.

What are pro tips for using adhesive?

- Retention can be up to 7 weeks under proper application and aftercare. That means you should always remember to use primer/booster and super bonder to keep the best retention.- Replace glue drop every 10-15 minutes since the glue will react with the humidity in the air, which will become stringy then lower the glue’s performance.- Product must only be used on completely closed eyes throughout the application to avoid eye irritation.- Dip the lash in the middle of a glue droplet since it dries from the outers.- Use under eye gel patches or medical foam tape to minimize fumes.- Products must be used in a well-ventilated work environment and free from exposure to direct sunlight.- Patch test is required before using this product. Different adhesives have different % of ingredients.- Read proper instructions on the back of the label before use.- During hotter weather or higher humidity, we recommend that you may want to instead dispense glue onto a shiny surface such as the removable backing tape of the under eye gel pads, this will limit the amount of moisture absorbed from the tape and prevent it curing too quickly on your jade stone/glue ring.

Which kinds of adhesive are the most  suitable for me ?

The best lash adhesive for you will depend on various factors such as your levels, the humidity and temperature in your working room. 

  • Regarding levels, you will need to know how long it takes you to apply a lash extension to a client's natural eyelashes after you dip it into the adhesive. As beginners, you will be looking for kinds of adhesive which have slow drying time such as Ultra Blooming Adhesive, Blooming Adhesive, Supreme Adhesive and Lady Bond Adhesive. In contrast, advanced lash technicians will be looking more at fast-drying adhesive such as Ultra Adhesive, Premium Adhesive, Ultra Volume Adhesive or Volume Adhesive
  • Regarding temperature and humidity, you will need to know your room temperature and humidity by using a hygrometer to keep an eye on your typical room conditions.

For more information on how to choose the right lash adhesive for you, please take a look at our adhesive comparison table for reference or please feel free to ask us any question via email [email protected] 

How to deal with retention issues ? 

You certainly have heard many claims about poor retention when your client’s eyelash extensions start falling out after a few days. You should always remember that adhesive retention can be up to 7 weeks under proper application and aftercare so please follow these tips to assure that your client’s lash extensions last as long as possible 

  • Make sure natural lashes are cleaned very well prior to the treatment. Use Lash Shampoo and Protein Remover Pads to clean the eye area from any makeup, dust and oils. 
  • Prepare the natural lashes using Protein Remover and then Primer. While Protein Remover will clear the residues and oils, primer will help to open the cuticle of the natural lashes and improves the adhesive bonding power. Moreover, Primer also speed up the drying time of adhesive
  • Work with a glue that is suitable for your experience and work conditions. Remember that incorrect working room conditions with the adhesive can cause poor retention. The best temperature for adhesive  is 18-22°C and humidity conditions being 45-60%. If your:
  • Temperature is lower than 18°C, glue may be drying slower.
  • Temperature is higher than 22°C, glue may be drying quicker.
  • Humidity is lower than 45%, glue may be drying slower.
  • Humidity is higher than 60%, glue may be drying quicker.
  • Make sure that your attachment is always spot on, which means there is enough glue to hold the extensions and that the base of the lash extension (at least 2mm) is fully attached to the natural eyelashes
  • Always work with a fresh adhesive drop and shake the adhesive bottle vigorously for at least 1-2 minutes before each use. Ensure your adhesive is stored correctly (Humidity: Less than 40-45%, Temperature: 8-13°C)  and is not out of date 
  • Use super bonder at the end of lash application to keep the best retention. Superbonder adds elasticity to the adhesive for better retention and helps to increase the curing time.
  • Make sure your clients are following the aftercare advice and are not picking the lashes and are keeping them clean. 

Please note that there are some other reasons which result in poor retention such as heaters and seasons of lash shed 

  • In the periods of natural lash seeding such as Spring and Autumn, natural lashes start falling out so your clients might experience a loss of both natural lashes and lash extensions
  • In cold places or in winter seasons, many clients use heaters in their room which cause an increase in temperature. It is also a factor that affects retention. 

For more help with any lash retention issue, please get in touch with our customer care team at [email protected] 

What is the shelf-life of adhesive?

A bottle of glue can last up to 6 months unopened. Once opened, the expiration date is one month only. To keep an eye on the freshness of your adhesive, simply stick a piece of tape with a written date when you open your adhesive bottle. 

Is the adhesive Latex- free and Formaldehyde-free?

Yes!  All of our adhesives are latex-free and formaldehyde-free

Which certificates do you have for adhesive?

We have an MSDS, test reports and SGS certificate. For more information, please leave us question via email [email protected] 

Are your adhesives oil-free or oil-resistant?

All of our adhesives are resistant to naturally occurring oils such as sebum.  It is still never a good idea to put oil on or around your lashes.

How often is a new drop of adhesive needed?

It is essential to replace glue drop every 10-15 minutes since the glue will react with the humidity in the air, which will become stringy then lower the glue’s performance.

Which glue is suitable for sensitive eyes ?

  • In case clients who have sensitive eyes and they feel uncomfortable with strong fumes, we recommend using low-fume adhesives such as Ultra Adhesive, Supreme Adhesive and Lady Bond Adhesive. Also, please remember to use Super Bonder at the end of lash application to reduce the fumes OR use Glamcor Flow to extract the adhesive strong fumes and improve the quality of air
  • All our adhesives contain the same active ingredient which is cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate is the major component of all professional lash adhesive and holds accountable for bonding. However, the fume of cyanoacrylate is the main reason for most allergic reactions. That is why we do not recommend using adhesive on clients who have experienced allergy. 

How do I store my adhesives?

  • For unopened adhesive bottles, we recommend to store it in a refrigerator (Humidity: Less than 40-45%, Temperature: 8-13°C)
  • After opening
  • Adhesive bottles must be stored correctly in a well-ventilated, dark environment and are free from exposure to direct sunlight or heaters. 
  • Always clean and wipe the nozzle after use before putting the cap on. 
  • Change out nozzles as needed to keep the cap and nozzle clean.
  • Always putting adhesive bottles into a pouch with Silica gel or Adhesive Container to protect from humidity 

Can you omit the carbon black from the adhesive?

Yes we can. Actually carbon black is responsible for the deep black color of glues. It is the heaviest ingredient and sits at the bottom of the bottle when not shaken. That’s why if we remove carbon black from the ingredients, the color of adhesive is transparent and you often call this kind of adhesive as “Clear or Invisible Adhesive” 

Which scents can you customize for adhesive?

We can customize 3 scents, including banana, pineapple and vanilla. The drying time for scented adhesives are all 1-2 seconds and highly recommended for advanced lash artists

Can I use lash adhesive for DIY lashes ? 

This adhesive is meant for Salon Use Only or Professional who has gotten a lash artist certificate. Please Never use it for Self-Application or with clusters or strip lashes! 


What is the difference between Protein Remover and Primer?

Our protein remover is used to removes oils, proteins, residues left on eyelashes after using Cream Remover and Shampoo while primer’s main function is to moisturize natural lashes, increase drying time of adhesive and neutralize pH levels to improve the bonding between the natural lashes and the extensions.It is highly recommended to use Primer after Protein remover. The reason is because the protein remover is very drying on the lashes and the lash adhesive will not be able to cure without moisture. That’s why we need primer to moisturize the natural lashes 

Is the lash protein remover different from cream or gel remover ? 

Protein remover is different from cream and gel remover. Cream remover and Gel remover are especially designed to help to remove bonded lashes without damaging the natural lashes while protein remover is used to removes oils, proteins, residues left on eyelashes after using Cream/Gel Remover and Shampoo 


What is the pH of primer?

The pH of primer is 7-8 which is safe for even sensitive eyes

What is the difference between primer and super bonder?

Primer is designed to be used at the beginning of the extension application to get rid of makeup residue, protein and oils from natural lashes. A bonus feature is that it accelerates the drying time of glue, allowing for faster, more effective application.This product also helps to moisturize natural lashes then create a perfect bond between natural lashes and the extensions, as the result improving glue attachment and extending the retention. In addition, it also enhances natural lash growth and recovers damaged lashes, keeping them nourished and strong.Meanwhile, Superbonder adds elasticity to the adhesive and is used at the end of the lash application. The additional flexibility ensures the bonds don't break as easily, hence resulting in better retention. Another function of Superbonder is that it can instantly polymerise the glue, without shock curing. Super Bonder also can lock in the fumes from the adhesive and with the fumes contained, irritation and sensitivity are significantly reduced. Additionally, because the bonds have been sealed, the lashes are instantly safe to get wet. Therefore, your clients don’t need to wait 24 hours after the treatment!

Which scents and colors can you customize for Cream Remover?

We can customize different scents, including Strawberry, Citrus, Banana, Melon, Green tea and Rose 


How fast is cream remover?

Apply enough amount and leave on the lashes for 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes before removing the extensions

Which scents and colors can you customize for Cream Remover?

We can customize Omnia (yellow cream), Green tea (green cream) and Strawberry (pink cream)  


What is the pH of shampoo? 

The pH of our shampoo is 6 which is safe for even sensitive eyes

Which scents and colors can you customize for shampoo ? 

We can customize emerald blue such as Emerald Shampoo and other scents (Peach, Strawberry, Baby Powder, Banana, Green tea) 

Can my clients wash their lashes with CharmLash’s shampoo for daily after-treatment routine ? 

It is always best to recommend to your clients to use a professional and high quality product that has been designed and tested to be in contact with the gentle eye area. Our Shampoo has been tested and approved to be used together with eyelash extensions, it removes makeup, impurities and prepares lashes for the application. Additionally, it will clean the lashes by removing any oil, sweat and makeup build-up which will help to keep the lashes on longer. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

The available payment methods for purchasing our products from CharmLash are PayPal, Western Union, KoronaPay, MoneyGram and Bank Transfer for confirmed orders. Payment must be in full, without any bank charges. All international transfers to us to be made with our instruction. We always send the invoice and order selection list to the clients  with the real company stamp and signature of the relevant people. So please take note, if it doesn’t come with these, Please hold on to check with our hotlines for further information.Please wire transfer the payment to the following form as below:

What currencies can I pay?

We accept USD, EU, AUD, GBP, VND etc (Let us know which one you prefer).

Will I have to pay any sales tax?

If there is any local import tax for your order, you will bear the expense for this tax. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

How should I pay for the order?

Once a quote has been accepted, a 70% deposit plus shipping fee is required before producing. The remaining balance will be paid before shipping at least 7 business days.

What should I do if my order arrives damaged? 

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, including issues with incorrect length, thickness, curl, materials, or tape… We are willing to accept returns or provide a refund. However, it is required that all returned products must be in their original condition (including all packaging) and under unused condition. The goods must be sent back to us within 30 days of receipt.Please contact the customer service team via email at [email protected] or your account manager within 3-5 business days of receiving your order, providing the details of the product you are dissatisfied with. Our team will guide you through the process of returning the product or review. Products that do not meet your satisfaction will be eligible for a refund or exchange for an equivalent product, subject to approval through our review process. If this is caused of courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, local fowarders…), CharmLash will not take responsibility for this. Before shipping your order, our account team will inspect and send you all the documents related to the order, including packing list, invoice and shipment packing image to confirm that they are in good condition. Thus, we highly recommend that our customers purchase cargo insurance for their international shipments.

Order Cancellation Policy

Order can not be cancelled after the deposit is paid in advance. We begin processing and fulfilling orders the moment you place to make sure we don’t miss your special notes or materials. If you have an order change, please contact to account manager within 24 first hours of submitting your order to see if they can edit. If we’re able to accommodate your request, we will be happy to do so.

How do I make changes to my recently placed order?

We begin processing and fulfilling orders the moment you place to make sure we don’t miss your special notes or materials. If you have an order change, please contact to account manager within 24 first hours of submitting your order to see if they can edit. If we’re able to accommodate your request, we will be happy to do so.If you would like to add more items in your recent order, please make a new order with your account manager. However, the discount policy will be applied for each different order so maybe you won’t get the discount as your expectation in your additional orders. We would like to recommend that you place an order at one time to make sure the order will be processed correctly.


Shipping international

Absolutely! We currently ship to most countries: including the US, Australia, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and many others.We offer standard shipping on all international orders, using a combination of UPS, FedEx, DHL and local carriers. Delivery time is typically 5-7 business days, however on rare occasions, some locations may take 10 business days for delivery due to delays at Customs or some other reasons.Note: Shipping timelines can be affected by high volumes of orders, seasonal demand, and carrier delays due to events such as inclement weather. Please consider these delays when placing your order as we are unable to guarantee a specific delivery date for international orders. For more details about shipping CLICK HERE.

How much does shipping cost?

We provide a competitive shipping price for all orders. Please contact us for more details.

How can I track my order?

We will provide the available tracking number directly to your email. Please contact us in detail in case you want to track your order’s shipping information.


How do I choose my eyelash extensions?

The first thing that we would recommend is to check with an expert to know more about your eyes and then you can, based on those descriptions, choose the right curl for the best impact.

Which thickness should I choose?

0.03mm Lashes: These lashes are the thinnest of the options and are typically used for a very natural and wispy look. They are best suited for clients with thin, delicate natural lashes. Volume sets are not typically done with 0.03mm lashes.0.03 lashes: These lashes are the thinnest of the options and are typically used for a very natural and wispy look. They are best suited for clients with thin and dedicated natural lashes. Volume and Mega volume set are usually done with 0.03mm lashes0.05mm lashes: The lashes are slightly thicker than 0.03 lashes and are great for creating a natural look with a little more volume. They are suitable for clients with thin natural lashes and can be used in a hybrid and volume lash set.0.07mm lashes: These lashes are the most commonly used in eyelash extensions and are a good starting point for most clients. They are suitable for a variety of natural lash thickness and can be used in classic, hybrid or volume sets. 0.085mm lashes: These lashes are slightly thicker than 0.07mm and are suitable for clients with medium to thick natural lashes. They can be used in classic, hybrid or volume sets.0.10mm lashes: These lashes are quite thick and are best suited for clients with naturally thick lashes. They can be used in classic, hybrid or volume sets (2D-3D depending on the health of client’s natural lashes)0.15mm lashes: These lashes are the thickest of the options and are typically used for classic sets.They are best suited for clients with thick, strong natural lashes.0.02mm lashes: These lashes are only used for classic sets. Since they are extremely thick and quite heavy, we recommend you only use them for clients with strong and healthy eyelashes.*Note: When using different lash thicknesses, it’s important to consider the client’s natural lashes and what they can comfortably support. Always ask your client and get to know their natural lashes before selecting a lash thickness. It’s also important to remember that using lashes that are too thick for a client’s natural lashes can cause damage and discomfort as well as poor retention. 

Extra services?

YES, As a wholesale supplier, we not only manufacture our own products but also offer OEM (original equipment manufacturing), ODM (original design manufacturing), free design for private labels, and after-sales customer care.Feel free to contact us at: [email protected]Where are CharmLash products made and sourced from?We conceptualized, and made each of our CharmLash trays in Vietnam. Our co-founders, Jane and Mark, chose to plant roots of factories in Hung Yen and Nam Dinh, where the resource of workers are free and hard working, and an official office in Hanoi where they had gone to business school. We only use premium high-quality materials from South Korea and Japan, before each item is individually hand-assembled, and inspected for quality.

Do you offer donations to charitable organizations?

With CharmLash’s mission to create one billion magical products to make the women more confident with their own beauty, we know giving back to the community, creating meaningful connections, and inspiring people to do more for others is needed now more than ever. We’re happy to donate our products to qualified organizations that make a positive impact on the world through our giving program.CharmLash’s donations are offered to organizations that support one of our three charitable focus areas that align with our core company values, the interests of our customers, employees, and founders:1) Sustainability and the environment 2) Healthcare and compassion 3) Breast Cancer Program: If your donation request has been approved, someone from our team will contact you with specific donation details.

How can I contact Customer Support?

We care about your experience and want to ensure all of your questions and issues are resolved as quickly as possible. If our Account Manager didn’t quite do the trick, please feel free to contact our dedicated Hotlines for all of your customer support needs:

 To help expedite your request, please be sure to include as much detailed information as possible, including:

  • First and last name
  • Your email address
  • Contact phone number
  • Description of your inquiry

A member of our team will strive to contact you within 24 hours.