Pure eyelash extensions primer


CharmLash Pure Primer is designed to be used at the beginning of the extension application to get rid of makeup residue, protein and oils from natural lashes. A bonus feature is that it accelerates the drying time of glue, allowing for faster, more effective application.

Specially formulated, this product also helps to moisturize natural lashes then create a perfect bond between natural lashes and the extensions, as the result improving glue attachment and extending the retention. In addition, it also enhances natural lash growth and recovers damaged lashes, keeping them nourished and strong.

Pro tips: For the best result

  • Use after using Protein remover
  • DO NOT use too much primer. Wipe off the excess if necessary to prevent the primer from running into the client’s eyes
  • Keep away from lash adhesive

Expore more scented eyelash extension primer

Product Properties
We offer MSDS & SGS certificates.
Our lashes & liquids are highly recommended by many famous lash artists, lash academies and distributors all over the world
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