The difference between lash glue accelerator, super bonder, primer and booster?

Are you a lash technician wanting to improve your skills and give your clients the best experience possible? One key part of mastering lash extensions is understanding the different types of liquids and how to use them in lash applications. Let’s explore everything you need to know about lash extension adhesives, from primers and lash glue accelerators to super bonders and boosters.

The difference between lash glue accelerator, super bonder, primer and booster

Understanding the Basics: Primer vs. Accelerator

Before diving into the specifics of each adhesive product, let’s clarify the distinction between primer and lash glue accelerator. While both serve the purpose of optimizing lash extension applications, they have different functions and applications.


Think of primer as the preparatory step in the lash extension process. It cleanses the natural lashes, removing any oils, protein, or makeup residue, that could interfere with adhesion. Preparing a clean lash, more than that primer also moisturizes the client’s lashes. It creates a perfect bond between natural lashes and the extensions, as a result improving glue attachment and extending the retention.

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Lash glue accelerator

On the other hand, the accelerator is all about speed. Its primary function is to expedite the drying and curing time of the adhesive, reducing wait time for both the technician and the client. By increasing the bonding speed between the natural lash and the extension, the accelerator ensures a quicker and more efficient application process.

Lash Glue Accelerator is your secret weapon for achieving flawless lash extensions in record time. With a neutral pH level of 7, it creates the perfect environment for maximizing the performance of cyanoacrylate, the key ingredient in lash adhesives. By optimizing this environment, the accelerator effectively speeds up the drying time of the glue, allowing lash artists to work more efficiently and reducing wait time for your clients.

Plus, here’s a pro tip: for even faster results, use the accelerator in low humidity conditions to rebalance the adhesive curing time. This ensures that your lash extensions set quickly and securely, resulting in stunning, long-lasting lashes that your clients will love.


Glue accelerator - strawberry

Application Techniques: Tips for Success

Now that we’ve clarified the roles of primer and accelerator, let’s discuss how to use them effectively.

  • Primer Application: Before applying lash extensions, use a lint-free applicator to apply primer onto the natural lashes. Ensure that the lashes are completely cleansed and dried before proceeding with the extension application. This step is crucial for maximizing adhesion and retention. If you want to see the magic of using primer, you can find it here.
  • Accelerator Application: After attaching the lash extensions, sparingly apply the accelerator to the lash adhesive. Be cautious not to over-accelerate, as this could lead to premature drying and poor bonding. Lash glue accelerators should be used strategically to speed up the curing process without compromising the quality of the bond.

Super Bonder vs. Booster: Enhancing Adhesive Performance

In addition to primer and lash glue accelerator, lash technicians may also utilize super bonders and boosters to further optimize adhesive performance.

Super Bonder

Super Bonder is the ultimate solution for lash technicians seeking to streamline the process and deliver exceptional results. Serving as the final step in lash application, this product boasts multiple of benefits. Not only does it enhance the flexibility of the glue, preventing bonds from breaking down easily, but it also significantly improves retention, ensuring long-lasting lash extensions.

By accelerating the curing time of adhesive without causing shock polymerization, Super Bonder enables technicians to cut down waiting time from 24 hours to just 3 hours, delivering instant gratification to clients. Moreover, it effectively eliminates excess fumes and odors, reducing irritation and creating a more comfortable experience, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Compatible with any lash adhesive and suitable for classic, volume, and mega-volume lashes, Super Bonder is a must-have for lash techs working in low-humidity areas.


Unlike super bonders, lash boosters offer a nourishing solution for thicker, fuller, and longer lashes without causing damage. This booster, enriched with oil, proteins, and vitamins, strengthens and nourishes natural lashes from root to tip. It visibly thickens and moisturizes them for a healthier, more resilient appearance. Recommended for stressed lashes, it’s a daily at-home treatment that delivers results over two weeks, gradually washing away with each lash cleaning.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Lash Game

By mastering the use of lash extension adhesives, you can elevate your lash game and provide exceptional service to your clients. Whether you’re cleansing and priming natural lashes or expediting the drying time of adhesive, understanding the nuances of each adhesive product is essential for achieving beautiful, long-lasting results. So, next time you’re in the studio, remember the importance of primer, lash glue accelerator, super bonder, and booster in perfecting your craft as a lash technician.


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