Everything about premade wide fan, super narrow fan and narrow fan

For lash artists, high-quality lash sets and saving time during application are the essential keys. If you are looking for a way to uphold those standards, premade fan lashes offer the ultimate solution to the time-consuming process of creating handmade volume fans. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into premade wide fan, narrow fan, and super narrow fan lashes, highlighting their differences and how they can level up your lash business.

I. What are premade wide fans, narrow & super narrow fans?


Premade Wide Fans – the most popular premade fan type – are handcrafted with wide spacing between each lash strand, making them ideal for achieving maximum volume and effectively covering larger gaps in the lash line.

In contrast, Premade Narrow Fans, which came second after the wide fans, have also gained popularity in recent years. Their lash strands are made closer than the wide ones, providing a denser look while still boosting the lash volume significantly.

Last but not least, Premade Super Narrow Fans – the latest innovation in the lash market. Exclusively produced by Charm Lash, these fans are 30% narrower than narrow fans, offering the most precise and dense lash application currently available. This fan type is very rare and not commonly offered by other manufacturers, making it a special choice for those seeking precision in lash extensions.

II. Main differences between wide fans, narrow & super narrow fans.

Understanding the unique characteristics of wide fans, narrow fans, and super narrow fans is the key to choosing the right option for each customer’s needs, which opens up more opportunities to reach a wider range of customers. Let’s discover the main differences between these three types of premade fans to see how they can be applied in practice.

Take a look at the comparison between wide fans, narrow & super narrow fans in the table below:

Comparison of wide fan, narrow fan & super narrow fans

1. Wide premade fans

Wide fan is the original premade fan type, features a significant spacing between each lash, making them ideal for a voluminous application. With a significantly wide base, they are especially beneficial for those with sparse lashes, covering gaps to create a fuller lash line.

Premade wide, narrow, super narrow fan

However, this spacing can also contribute to a less tidy appearance, offering a textured and fluffy look. For clients whose natural lashes are thin and weak, wide lash fans offer a transformative solution to achieve that sought-after fullness. The separation at the tips of these lashes not only adds volume but also provides a more dramatic effect.


2. Narrow premade fans

Premade narrow fan is a style that has been trending in recent years, offer a more abundant lash impression with their closely packed lashes creating a neater eyelash look. This results in a darker lash line, bringing the effect of wearing eyeliner, and a denser look overall.

premade fan lashes Premade wide, narrow, super narrow-05

These fans are particularly suited for crafting a bold, Russian-style lash set and are recommended for clients with a healthy density of natural lashes as those narrow fans create a richer and more luxurious lash line.


3. Super narrow premade fan

One cannot overlook this – a newly introduced type of lash fan in the eyelash market, exclusively produced by Charm Lash. What sets the super narrow premade fans apart is that they are 30% narrower compared to the narrow premade fans, delivering a tidy look as well as the densest effect. They deliver the most uniform and obvious eyeliner effect among all fan types, offering unmatched uniformity, depth and volume. This fan type is particularly more suitable for individual with thick natural lashes.

premade fan lashes Premade wide, narrow, super narrow-05

Each of these premade fan types is tailored to meet specific client needs and preferences, from the natural enhancement of wide fans to the intense, captivating look of super narrow fans. They allow for customization within lash extension services, ensuring that clients can achieve their perfect lash look with ease and precision. It’s crucial for lash artists to understand these nuances to provide the best recommendations for their clients.

III. How can premade wide fans, narrow & super narrow fans be customized at CharmLash?

As an eyelash extension top global wholesale manufacturer, CharmLash is always ready to offer customizable solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Customization allows for personalized lash sets that perfectly match the desired outcome for each unique client.

Customers can choose from a wide range of options to tailor their premade fan lashes:

– Dimension:

Instead of creating fans by hand, CharmLash offers various looks in different dimensions – whether it is light or full volume.

Customers can choose from 2D to 20D, which allows for a customizable volume intensity, enabling lash artists to achieve the exact level of fullness their clients desire. We provide different lash dimensions to create different types of volume:

  • 2-3D: Light volume
  • 4-5D: Medium volume
  • 6-9D: Full volume
  • 10D-20D: Mega volume

– Thickness:

0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.085, and 0.1 mm – we provide all thickness to suit every look, in which:

  • Thickness of 0.1 is suitable for fans ranging from 2D to 3D
  • Thickness of 0.085 mm is suitable for fans ranging from 4D to 6D
  • Thickness of 0.05, 0.06 mm is suitable for fans ranging from 7D to 9D
  • Thickness of 0.03, 0.04 mm is suitable for fans of 10D and above.

It’s worth noting that the 0.1mm thickness is specifically designed for 2D to 3D fans, catering to those seeking a more subtle enhancement. However, using this thickness with fans of larger dimensions will result in a larger fan base, requiring more glue and potentially causing heaviness on the eye.

– Length:

Premade fans are available in a variety of lengths at CharmLash:

  • Short: Ranging from 4-7mm for a subtle enhancement.
  • Medium: Spanning 8-15mm for a balanced, noticeable length.
  • Long: Extending from 16-25mm for maximum impact and drama.
At CharmLash, we offer both single length trays and mixed length trays for our customers.

– Fan stems:

There are three types to choose from: long stem, short, and medium.

premade fan lashes Wide, narrow, super narrow premade fan stem

– The origin of the fibers:

Customers should start with premade fan lashes that source their fibers from reputable origins like Korea or Germany. At Charm Lash, a top global wholesale manufacturer supplying premade lash fans in bulk, we pride ourselves on using high-quality raw materials for production that are imported directly from Korea. Our materials are cruelty-free, and we ensure no animal testing is conducted.

We utilize Korean and German PBT (poly-butylene-terephthalate) synthetic fiber as the main material, which is known for its hypoallergenic properties—meaning it won’t cause allergic reactions on human skin and eyes, and it’s environmentally friendly compared to other eyelash extension materials.

– Base Structure:

a. Base attachment:

Generally, in the eyelash market, there are two types : glue-bonded and heat-bonded.

  • Heat-bonded fans have their bases joined by heat, requiring only a minimal amount of adhesive for application, thus making them lighter on the eyes.
  • On the other hand, glue-bonded fans are bonded with adhesive, which is a common misconception believed to be inferior to heat-bonded. However, glue-bonded bases are actually more durable and less likely to break over time. At Charm Lash, our premade fans are crafted with a minimal adhesive at the base, ensuring durability without the heaviness.

It’s important to address the misconception that heat-bonded is superior to glue-bonded. In reality, glue-bonded fans offer greater longevity and, with CharmLash’s precision in using the minimal adhesive, there’s no need to worry about the fans feeling heavy or uncomfortable. This extensive customization capability ensures that lash artists can provide tailored, high-quality lash extensions with ease.

b. Base structure:

The base structure has 2 main styles: square/flat base and pinched/pointy base.

Wide, narrow, super narrow premade fan base structure

Two types of base structures

  • The square or flat base fans are known for creating a dark and thin lash line, which might be the preferred style for some. However, this type usually requires a more generous use of adhesive, which can lead to a heavier sensation on the eyes. They are typically more suitable for those just starting in lash artistry due to their straightforward application.
  • On the other hand, the pointy base fans do not produce as dark a lash line but have the advantage of needing less glue for attachment, offering a lighter feel upon application. This makes them suitable for experienced lash artists, as they allow for an easy and smooth application process.

Whether you’re a lash artist or a distributor working in the beauty industry, the knowledge about premade fans covered above is essential for recommending the right type of eyelashes to your clients and, most importantly, for choosing the right manufacturer for your business.

As a professional premade fan eyelash extensions wholesale manufacturer, CharmLash specializes in customizing all kinds of premade fan lashes, types of base, width of fans, dimension as well as curls, thicknesses and lengths. Feel free to contact us now for newest price list and catalog.

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