Colored Eyelash Extensions – Multi Colors Lashes – Tropical




Spice up your lash set with multi-colored eyelash extensions

Multicolored lashes are completely the latest craze. Unlike single colored lash trays,  Multicolored lashes are the perfect combination of colored lashes in different ways, making it unique and providing clients with “one of a kind” lash sets. If you find it hard to play a color matching game, then our multicolored collections will be a huge plus for you. Made from soft and light-weight Korean PBT fiber, they will surely brighten and open up clients eyes in the most charming way that no mascara is able to achieve. In addition, multicolored lashes will be a fun choice for lash artists to enhance their creativity and make more exciting new lash looks which show off their personality. At CharmLash, we have tons of color options for all of your needs, and can customize to help you achieve your desired look. You can take a look at some our lash key features below: 

  • Made of soft, light-weight Korean PBT fiber
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Vegan, 100% cruelty-free, latex-free, formaldehyde-free
  • Dense, knot free, no kink
  • Stable curl: Lashes are durable and hold curl over time
  • Come in a variety of curls, thicknesses and lengths
Product Properties
We offer MSDS & SGS certificates.
Our lashes & liquids are highly recommended by many famous lash artists, lash academies and distributors all over the world
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