Introducing new velvet mink materials

Step into a world of glamour and comfort as we introduce our newest innovation: Velvet Mink lashes at CharmLash! Get ready for a lash experience like no other, featuring a super-soft feel and lush texture.

These lashes aren’t just extensions; they’re a touch of luxury that adds a natural, velvety finish to your look. Perfect for lash pros or beauty lovers alike, our Velvet Mink materials are here to redefine your eyelash game.

Dive into elegance and ease with CharmLash’s Velvet Mink materials – where each lash is a blend of luxury and innovation.

Velvet mink lashes introducing

I. Velvet Mink Lashes: Your Go-To for Effortless Elegance

Let’s dive into the standout features that make our Velvet Mink lashes a game-changer:

1. High-quality German PBT fibers

Crafted from the finest German PBT, our Velvet Mink lashes redefine excellence. This premium material ensures durability, flexibility, and a flawless finish.

2. Deep Black, Matte, and Dense

Experience a lush, deep black shade with a dense, matte texture that goes beyond the ordinary. Our lashes deliver opulence, surpassing even premium matte alternatives.

3. Super lightweight due to Hollow Lotus Technology

Thanks to Hollow Lotus Technology, our lashes are super lightweight, decreasing pressure on your lashes and eyes. Even though they’re incredibly light, our Velvet Mink material guarantees durability and flexibility. This means your lashes maintain their shape and matte finish for longer, ensuring both comfort and lasting elegance.

Velvet mink fiber hollow technology

4. Perfectly Tapered

Enjoy lashes that are tapered to perfection, enhancing their natural flow and beauty. The meticulous tapering ensures seamless integration with your own lashes.

5. Variety in Thickness

Tailor your lash set with ease. Choose from two thickness options, 0.07 and 0.1, for a look that suits your style – whether subtle enhancement or bold statement.

6. Soft, Fluffy, and Naturally Voluminous

Revel in the ultimate softness and volume. Our Velvet Mink lashes are incredibly soft and fluffy, mirroring the natural texture of human lashes. The result? A naturally voluminous look that’s captivating and feels as light as a feather.

Experience the charm of CharmLash’s Velvet Mink lashes – where quality meets luxury, creating an effortlessly elegant lash experience.

II. Compare new velvet mink with 5 materials currently

1. Comparing With Other Materials

Below is a quick comparison of our 6 materials, making it easier for you to visualize.

Material Premium faux mink Faux mink Super silk Super faux mink Velvet mink Premium matte
Origin Korea Korea Korea Germany Germany Korea
Tapered Short taper Short taper Standard taper Standard taper Standard taper Standard taper
Dense Super dense Super dense Dense Dense Dense Dense
Black Deepest black Deep black Black Black Deep black Black
Matte Glossier than Faux mink Glossy Semi-matte Matte Matte than super faux mink Full matte
Soft Soft Soft Ultra soft Ultra soft Ultra soft Ultra soft
Lightweight Lightweight Lightweight Ultra light-weight Ultra light-weight Ultra light-weight Ultra light-weight
Outcome Boldest and most dramatic Bold, volume, dramatic Natural and fluffy Natural and fluffy, volume Dramatic, volume, lightweight The most natural, lightweight, fluffiest

6 types of CharmLash lash materials

2. Budget-Friendly Velvet Mink Lashes

CharmLash brings forth special economic advantages with our Velvet Mink lash line:

Affordable Choice

Velvet Mink lashes are not just fabulous; they’re also lighter on your wallet. We’ve made sure they are priced lower than Super Silk and Premium Matte, giving you quality without breaking the bank.

Try Before You Buy

We want you to be confident in your choice. That’s why we offer free small samples with 8 different varieties of Velvet Mink fibers. It’s like a sneak peek before committing, helping you find the perfect fit without spending a dime. Your satisfaction matters to us!

III. Experience Velvet Mink Lashes

The enchanting Velvet Mink materials from CharmLash are a treat for Western European countries like Germany, France, and Italy. Bringing rich texture and affordable elegance, Velvet Mink lashes are becoming a favorite among beauty enthusiasts.

Whether you’re in Germany, France, or Italy, these lashes cater to those who seek both quality and budget-friendly options. Velvet Mink redefines the lash game, offering a touch of luxury with an affordable price tag.

Whether you’re a pro or just starting, Velvet Mink invites everyone in to indulge in affordable sophistication. Try it yourself and let your lashes do the talking!

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