Pricing strategy practice for beginner lash artist

As a beginner lash artist, one of the most common questions that arise is, “How much should I charge for a set?” Determining your pricing strategy is a crucial step in establishing your lash business and ensuring that you are compensated fairly for your skills and expertise. In this blog post, we will address this question about beginner lash tech prices, explore the factors to consider and the questions to ask yourself when deciding on your pricing structure as a beginner lash artist. Additionally, we provide some tips as well as guide you how to calculate a fair and profitable lash extension price

How much do a lash tech charged?

The pricing for lash technicians can vary depending on various factors such as location, experience, and expertise. However, as a general guideline, beginner lash techs may charge lower than experienced technicians.For a classic set, an experienced technicians may charge $100-$150 or more. However beginner lash artist may consider starting with a range of $50 to $75 for a full set of lash extensions. For a volume set, it might be a bit higher, around 80-85$ for beginners.


How to calculate the best beginner lash tech price

Calculating the price for a lash set involves considering several factors. Here are some you need to take into consideration.

Determine your base cost

Start by calculating the cost of your lash supplies, including lashes, adhesives, eye pads, and other materials used per set. Consider the average cost of these items and the amount used for each client.

Ask yourself:

  • How much do your lash supplies, including lash extensions, adhesives, and other products, cost?
  • What are your monthly expenses, such as rent for your workspace, insurance, marketing, and utilities?


Evaluate your time

Estimate the time it takes you to complete a full lash set, including consultation, preparation, application, and aftercare instructions. Determine your hourly rate based on the level of skill and experience you bring to the table.

Ask yourself:

  • What level of lash training and certification have you completed?
  • How confident are you in your lash application techniques and speed?
  • Have you practiced enough to ensure consistent and high-quality results?


Assess market value

Research the local market and analyze the prices charged by other lash artists in your area. Consider their experience, reputation, and the quality of their work. This will give you an idea of the average market value for a lash set.

Ask yourself:

  • What are other lash artists charging in your local area? 
  • What are their qualifications and experience levels?

For these questions, you can find the question yourself by acting as a lash client and ask the lash tech near you. After that asking yourself:

Determine your profit margin

Decide on a reasonable profit margin that allows you to earn a fair income for your skills and expertise. Consider the value you provide to your clients, such as your technique (classic, volume or hybrid), customer service, and overall experience.

Formula to calculate the price for beginner

Once you have these factors, you can use the following formula to calculate the price for lash set:

Price = Base cost + (Time x Hourly rate) + Overhead cost + Profit margin

Remember to regularly review and adjust your pricing strategy as your skills improve, and your business grows. It’s important to strike a balance between being competitive and ensuring your prices reflect the value you offer as a lash artist.

What If I set the price lower than the other local lash tech? 

Setting your prices lower than other local lash artists may initially attract clients due to the lower cost. It can be seen as a competitive advantage in terms of affordability. However, there are potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Perceived value: Clients may associate lower prices with lower quality or expertise. Charging significantly less than your competitors could raise concerns about the quality of your work and materials used. It may be challenging to establish yourself as a professional lash artist and build a reputation for exceptional service.
  • Profitability: Charging lower prices may limit your ability to cover your costs and generate a sustainable income. As a lash artist, you need to factor in the cost of lash supplies, overhead expenses, marketing, and your time and expertise. Charging too little may undermine your ability to make a reasonable profit.
  • Difficulty increasing prices: If you start with very low prices, it can be challenging to increase them in the future. Clients may become accustomed to the lower rates and may be resistant to paying higher prices when you decide to adjust them to reflect your growing skills and experience.
  • Industry standard: Consider the industry standard and the average prices for begiiner lash tech set by established lash artists in your area. Charging significantly lower than the average may create a perception that you are undercutting other professionals or devaluing the service as a whole.

It’s essential to find a balance between being competitive and ensuring your prices reflect the value you offer as a lash artist. Conduct market research, analyze your costs, and consider your unique selling points to determine a pricing strategy that allows you to be competitive while maintaining profitability and professionalism.

Best beginner lash tech prices strategy

Determining the appropriate pricing strategy can be challenging for new lash artists. If you’re recently trained in eyelash extensions and still refining your skills, you can consider the following approach:

  • Provide the first 4-5 treatments free of charge to gain experience and build your portfolio.
  • Offer the subsequent five sets at a cost covering only the materials used.
  • Set the price for the next five sets at 30-50% of the full price to gradually transition to higher rates.
  • Afterward, you can confidently offer your lash services at the full price. This pricing plan allows you to balance gaining experience, attracting clients, and gradually increasing your rates as you become more skilled and established in the industry.


As a beginner lash artist, you have the freedom to set your own pricing. To stand out, consider offering additional services or items such as lash brush, eyelash extension cleanser or eye mask.Take time to research and analyze your competitors, observing their customer service practices, salon environments, and booking processes. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses, you can refind your own service and provide an exceptional experience for your clients.

When is the best time for you to raise the price

As a beginner lash artist, the best time to consider raising the price is when you gained significant experience, built a strong client base, and provided high-quality results. When you feel confident in your ability and establish a reputation, you can gradually increase the price to reflect the value you offer. Remember to inform the price increase to your clients in advance (on social media for e.g) and highlight the improvement as well as the added benefit they will receive. 


How many percent of the price should I raise?

The percentage of each pricing increase as a lash artist can vary depending on several factors such as your location, level of experience, demand for your service as well as the overall market rates. It is recommended to start with a modest increase, such as 5-10% of each price the value you offer. Make ng adjustment. This allows you to gauge the client’s reaction if the new price aligns with sure to regularly evaluate your costs, skill level and market conditions to determine the appropriate percentage for future adjustment. 

I hope this blog can help you in your lash journey, especially for ones who’re newcomers in this industry. Hope you set the best lash extension price for your business

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