Asian Eyelash Extensions: Exploring Typical Eye Shape and The best Lash Style

Are You Looking for Stunning Asian Eyelash Extensions?

If you are an Asian and looking for the best lash look for your style, this blog is for you! Asian eyes come in various shapes, and understanding them will help you choose the right asian eyelash extensions to enhance your natural beauty. Therefore, this guide is here to simplify the process, providing practical tips to help you find the ideal lash style that perfectly suits your Asian eye shape.

asian eyelash extensions

So, what are the common types of Asian eye shapes? Let’s find them out!

Understanding Common Asian Eye Shapes

1. Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes, also referred to as epicanthal folds or epicanthic folds, describe a specific eyelid shape. If someone has epicanthal folds, the skin of their upper eyelid is smooth from the inner corner of the eye to the part of the eyebrow closest to the nose, covering the inner edge of the eyes.

monolid eyes - asian eyelash extensions

Monolids can give the appearance of smaller eyes because they don’t have creases or folds that divide the eyelids into 2 sections. This characteristic makes the natural lashes straight or slightly downward,  resulting in a downturned eye shape.

Monolid Eyes vs Double Eyelid Eyes
The difference between Monolid eyes and Double lid eyes

2. Double Lids Eyes

When it comes to Double Lids Eyes, this refers to an eye shape where there is a distinct crease that creates a visible upper eyelid line when the eyes are open.

double lids eyes - asian lash extensions

3. Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes refers to an eye shape where the eyelid crease is partially or completely covered by skin when the eyes are open. This can make the eyelid appear less defined and can sometimes cause the eyelid to droop over the lash line.

hooded eyes - lash extensions asian eyes

Asian Eyelash Extensions: Choosing the Right Lash Style For Every Eye Shapes

1. Lash Style for Monolid and Hooded Eye Shapes

Lash style

For the monolid and hooded eye shape, Doll eyes and Open eyes style are most recommended. This style typically features longer lashes in the center of the lash map, which helps to lift and open up the eyes and make the eyes appear larger and more rounded.

lash style for monolid eye shape
Asian with lash extension

Source: Pinterest

Alternatively, you can apply a Kim K lash extension for asians. This style will create a stunning set of Asian eyelash extensions that beautifully enhances the eyes.

Kim K lash look - asian eyelash extensions
Asian Kim K eyelash extensions before and after

Source: Eye Design New York

Asian Lash extensions for monolid and hooded eyes

Source: Sandra Lashes

Recommended curls: Do & Don’t

Most of the natural lashes of monolid clients tend to grow downward as their heavier eyelids press the roots of natural eyelashes. Therefore, choosing the right curls for the downward angle eyelashes is very important:

Do apply: M, C, CC, D, DD,  L, L+  curl for your clients, and you will result in a nice lash set.

Don’t apply: J curl as this is almost straight with a slight curl at the end. If you use straight curls like J curl for downward angle natural lashes, it will result in covering the eyes and make the eyes look smaller.

what curl to use for monolid and hooded eyes

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2. Lash style for Double Lids Eye Shape

Well, double lids eye shape can be suitable for every lash style from various curls, length and thickness!

asian lash extensions for double lids eyes

For clients with double eyelids shape, lash technicians can utilize various techniques such as classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume. Whether your clients prefer Doll eyes, Squirrel eyes, Anime eyes or Fox eyes lash maps, you can create all of them for a beautiful and flattering lash set.

anime lash stye - asian eyelash extension
Anime lash style for Asian eyelash extension

Source: Pinterest

double lids eyes - lash extensions for asians

Source: Pinterest

classic lash extensions for asian

Source: Hani Lash & Brow

Essential Tips for Lash Artists Creating Stunning Asian Eyelash Extensions

1. Suitable thickness

Asian’s natural lashes are often finer and more delicate, so it’s important to choose a suitable thickness that enhances without overwhelming. A thickness of 0.10 to 0.15 mm is typically ideal for Asian Eyelash Extensions.

2. Suitable length

To ensure the lashes are visible when the eyes are open, lash artists should select longer lashes than usual for the monolids clients. It’s because if you apply too short lash length, the Asian eyelash extensions will be hidden under the eyelids.

Make sure not to use lashes that are more than 2-3 mm longer than your client’s natural lash length.

3. After-care for better retention

Asian natural lashes tend to be thinner, shorter, and less dense compared to those of other ethnicities, often resulting in shorter retention times for lash extensions.

Additionally, for clients with monolids, the thicker eyelid skin frequently comes into contact with the  Asian eyelash extensions, and the natural oils produced by the skin can impact the extensions’ retention. Therefore, high-quality adhesive plays a crucial role for better retention.

adhesive - charmlash

As a professional lash artist, it’s important to tell your clients on proper lash care to help them maintain their extensions, so here are some tips:

  • Use cosmetics that contain minimal oil.
  • After applying makeup, use a powder to remove excess oil from the eyelids.
  • Apply a lash coating sealant to protect the extensions from oil.

4. Employ taping method

When you apply lash extensions, reaching the inner corners of monolid or hooded lids can be tricky. In this situation, lash technicians should employ a taping method to lift the epicanthic fold for easier work on the inner corner of the eye.

taping method - asian eyelash extensions

Instead of vertically pulling the inner corner with the tape, gently pull it along the lash line to achieve a more effective lift of the fold. Placing the tape too far away can excessively widen your client’s eye, so keep it positioned closely along the lash line.

For clients sensitive to taping, use the tape exclusively during work on the inner corner and remove it promptly afterward.


Finding the perfect lash style for Asian eye shapes—whether monolid, double lid, or hooded—requires a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and needs of each eye type. By following the tips provided in this guide, lash artists can deliver stunning, long-lasting Asian eyelash extensions that enhance the natural beauty of your clients!

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