8 creative lash extension promotions to attract new clients

As a lash artist, you want to create a lash extension set that is as perfect as possible. But as a business owner, you want to attract as many clients as you can. Just your extraordinary skills can’t draw clients into your lash studio, that’s why you badly need lash extension promotions to grow your business.

Promotional programs can vary depending on your creativity and budget, but if you haven’t had any ideas yet, we are here to help. Here are some lash marketing ideas you can use:

1. Discount promotion

lash extension promotions gift voucher

Old but gold strategy! It’s the fact that whether your target customers are on a tight budget or not, they always want to save money.

Therefore, whenever they make a purchase, they will look for a way to get products and services at reduced prices. When getting a discount, somehow they feel that they are wise buyers: getting quality products while spending a small amount of money. There are several types of discount programs you can flexibly use:

  • Percentage discounts: A percentage discount is the amount of money reduced and is expressed as a percentage. For example, if the price of a lash shampoo is $20, with a 10% discount, your clients can get it for $18 and save $2. This means the more they buy, the more they save.
  • Bundle discount: This offers customers a discount when they purchase a group or bundle of products or services together as a package. You can make a lash extension kit and sell it at a lower price compared to the price if purchased separately. This type of sales discount is really effective in encouraging clients to buy many items at once instead of just one.
  • Referral discount: Nothing can be more influential than word of mouth. Referral discounts can take advantage of this. You can offer a 20% discount to current clients who can bring in new customers and to the new customers themselves. This should be a great incentive for clients to spread the word about your business.

2. Limited time promotion

Limited time promotion lash extension promotions

Remember how excited you are when there are flash sales on online shopping platforms? This can be true for your clients when your lash studio offers limited time lash extension promotions.

A flash sale campaign can last for several days, during which big discounts are given to customers. Holiday specials and seasonal lash extension promotions can last longer, especially during the holiday season. This is when your clients want to enhance their appearance to enjoy themselves. You definitely should not miss these important occasions to promote sales.

3. Giveaways and contests

Giveaways and contests  lash extension promotions

In this digital age, ignoring social media promotion is such a big mistake.

Social media giveaways and contests can effectively increase the number of your followers as well as brand awareness and engagement. It can be simple, such as like, share, and comment, to have a chance of becoming the winner. Or it could be a tag-a-friend, review, photo, or video contest. The game forms are so various, it’s all up to your preference.

4. Loyalty program

This doesn’t increase the number of new clients coming to your business, but it will encourage customers to return to you many times. You can offer a free touch-up appointment after 5 to 10 visits. Another idea is to give them the loyalty card, giving a point for every dollar your client spends, so that they can use it as a discount for the products and services they use later on.  A loyalty program can be tailored to your clients’ preferences and your business’s goals. Use this strategy flexibly to make the most of it.

5. Partner promotions

If you have any products or services of low quality (it’s normal that every business has its strengths and weaknesses), feel free to introduce your clients to other local firms for a better service. They can do the same for you in return. It might not be a good idea to keep them and provide a poor quality experience –  they’ll never come back to you again!Another form of partner promotion is cross-promotion with other beauty service providers. You can partner with a hair salon or spa by placing your advertisements in the flyers together.

6. Add-on services

Add-on services can enhance the customer experience and increase their loyalty to your business. Brow tints, brow waxes, hand massages, and tons of other services can be offered for free. This can be really effective in keeping your current clients and attracting new ones.

7. Event lash extension promotions

Want to add some fun while doing business? Organizing lash events is not a bad idea. It’s a great time to meet and socialize with many new people and, moreover, promote your brand. It could be a workshop to introduce new techniques, new lash products, or a conference talking about lash extension knowledge. Getting more and more people to know the glow lash extensions can bring to their faces will increase the chance they will become aware of and come to your brand.

If you are not ready to hold an event on your own, attend lash events to expand your social circle and let lash fans know about your brand.

8. Referral program

Referral program lash extension promotions

It can be said that the referral program is one of the most effective lash extension promotions to reach out to many more clients for businesses, especially those in the service sector. When your clients are looking at their perfect lash extensions and smiling, you know it’s the right time to talk about this program. Word of mouth, I promise you, is more powerful than any kind of advertisement.

For example, you can offer a 20% discount on the next lash application, a free touch up, or a lash extension kit at a reduced price for clients who refer friends or family to your business. If the award is given to both the referrer and the person referred, it will increase the chance that new faces will come to your studio.

Before making up your mind about the incentive you give, make sure that it won’t financially hurt your business but is good enough to encourage eager engagement.


Overall, it’s not difficult to generate creative ideas about lash extension promotions. The key is that they suit your pocket but still bring you many new clients. To achieve this, your entrepreneurial skills need to come into play. If you don’t know which lash extension promotions to choose, just try until you find the best! Your effort will be soon paid back.

Just keep in mind that however well done your marketing campaigns are, the core value is literally the quality of the products and services you provide. Only with this solid foundation will lash extension promotions be worth it in the long run.

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